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Driving on low fuel
Posted By : Alok Dhamanaskar On:18/08/2016
Driving on low fuel
is very very bad
Tips for the Monsoon driving
Posted By : Alok Dhamanaskar On:7/6/2012
Tips for the Monsoon driving
? Car Care :-
Remember to check battery, electrical wiring, headlights , tyres, engine, wipers and the underbody anti- rust coating on a regualar basis.Tyre pressure, tread depth and spare wheel should also be checked. Replace cloth floor mats with plastic/ rubber mats as it avoids dampness and bad odour.

? Driving Care :-
Avoid driving when it is pouring heavily . But if urgent, drive using first gear only and avoid using ...
How to service a car a simple checklist and tips.
Posted By : max Des On:10/22/2010
How to service a car a simple ...
How to service a car a simple checklist and tips.

Every 10,000 kms

-Change engine oil & oil filter.
-Check and top-up all fluids (coolant, power steering, brake, transmission etc.)
-Clean K&N air filter (best done at 7,500 km mark)
-Wheel rotation, balancing & alignment. Check condition (include spare wheel)
-Check and adjust all belts. Replace if any are cracked / worn out.
-Check all hose pipes. Replace if ...
Safe Motorcycle Riding Tips
Posted By : max Des On:10/16/2010
Safe Motorcycle Riding Tips
Riding in the city is different from riding on the highway. There are certain rules which need to be followed when you have your bike on the highway. If you meet with an accident in the city you might get hospitalized but in highway accident you might loose your life. You can red line the bike here but with some precautions.

The need to wear a helmet is a must as flies and insects can decorate your face. Apart from helmet it is also ...
Tips for buying a used or new car
Posted By : max Des On:10/05/2010
Tips for buying a used or new ...
Is the car you are looking to buy suitable for your needs? It may sound like a simple question. but it is so easy to be distracted by impractical cars when you are looking for a new car. Prioritise your needs. Is it space or speed? Looks or practicality? There's no point buying a sports coupe if you want to transport a family of four. Likewise, why buy a big clumsy off roader if you are a city dweller? Why consider mileage as top priority if ...
Car Stereo Installation Tips
Posted By : max Des On:09/08/2010
Car Stereo Installation Tips
If you are curious about the installation procedure of the audio system in your car by yourself and really don't know how to perform that task, then here is this article for you which will solve all the queries regarding installation of the system in your sedan. Apart from saving the money for installation you will enjoy the installation process, if you are really interested. Installing a car stereo can usually be pretty easy and sometimes ...
Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2010 Officially new Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2010
Toyota Etios Sedan Toyota unveils the new Etios sedan at the Auto Expo 2010
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